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The City of Portland is currently piloting the CBA on 2 Portland Water Bureau Projects: the Kelly Butte Reservoir and the Interstate Maintenance Facility.  The CBA Labor Management Community Oversight Committee began meeting regularly in December 2012 and, as of August 2013, the projects have already yielded great results.

The City of Portland and the Portland Development Commission commissioned a Disparity Study in 2009:
This study is the basis for the City to work to reduce disparities in contracting and workforce hiring, and the CBA is an important tool in this effort.


Workforce Diversity on CBA Projects as of 8/20/13

The Modified CBA (as applied to the Kelly Butte and Interstate projects) sets aspirational goals for the utilization of 18% minority workers and 9% female workers.  The Modified CBA also sets a goal for 20% BOLI registered apprentices.

The Kelly Butte and Interstate projects have already created many opportunities for workers in the region, and these projects will continue until 2015.  In addition to building a diverse workforce, these projects have also created great opportunities for new workers through the utilization of apprentices.  As of August 20, 2013, 21.24% of Kelly Butte hours and 26.38% of Interstate hours have been worked by apprentices.




Contracting with Disadvantaged Business Enterprises, Minority Business Enterprises and Women Business Enterprises on CBA Projects as of 8/20/13

The Modified CBA (as applied to the Kelly Butte and Interstate projects) sets aspirational goals for the utilization of firms that have been certified by the State of Oregon as a Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, a Women-Owned Business Enterprise, a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise, or an Emerging Small Business (M/W/DBE/ESB). The overall utilization goal for M/W/DBE/ESB is twenty-two percent (22%) of the Hard Construction costs for the project, with a further goal that at least twelve percent (12%) of this overall utilization goal be M/W/DBE firms (excluding ESBs).

Note: Disadvantaged Business Enterprise is a federal designation that includes Minority and Women Owned Businesses.

Contracting DBE.

In the Spotlight: Contracting Opportunities for African American Firms

There has been more utilization of African American firms in 9 months on CBA projects than 5 years in the City of Portland’s Disparity Study.


Disparity Study Chapter 6, Figure 6-12
MBE/WBE utilization, availability and disparity analysis for prime contracts/subcontracts
on City construction contracts, July 2004–June 2009


CBA Funds

The CBA dedicates funding to support community efforts to provide outreach, recruitment and training to minorities, women and disadvantaged workers.  The CBA also provides funding for technical support for disadvantaged contractors.

Interstate/Kelly Butte CBA Subcommittee Meeting Summary

Meeting 2/27/2015

This is the summary of Compliance on both CBA Projects: